Safely and Affordably Power Your Home

The GenerLink transfer switch is a UL-listed, socket-mounted device that provides a safe, easy and affordable way to connect a portable generator to your home.

GenerLink transfer switches are installed behind your electric meter and deliver generator power directly to your breaker box. No more tripping over power cords running through your home!

Conquer the unexpected with confidence! Get peace of mind knowing the essential devices you need to run your home won’t lose power during an outage

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Our Transfer Switches Keep You “Always On!”

GenerLink transfer switches work with portable generators from manufactures like FIRMAN, DuroMax, Generac, Champion, and many more. View our Compatibility Guide for a list of compatible generators.

Transfer Switch Specifications

  • Dimensions: 6 ½” in diameter x 5 ¼” deep
  • Weight: 5 ½ lbs w/o surge.  5 ¾ lbs with surge
  • Socket Style: Ring or Ring-less, form 2S
  • Compatible with 200 Ampere Service or less


  • UL listed meter mounted transfer switch (UL1008M)
  • 2020 National Electric Code

Features & Benefits

Only 30 minutes to install by utility personnel or licensed electrician (subject to approval)

Always installed, use it when you need it

No rewiring or subpanel required

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Prevents back feeding to the utility line to protect line workers

Powers hardwired items like sump pumps, well pumps, lighting, and security systems

MODELS Max Generator Continuous Wattage Surge Protection (75kA per phase)
MA23-N 7,200 W No
MA23-S 7,200 W Yes
MA24-N 9,600 W No
MA24-S 9,600 W Yes

Not all generators are compatible with a GenerLink transfer switch due to plug type, wattage, voltage, and/or GFCI. If you need assistance with generator verification, please refer to the Compatibility Guide (PDF) or call 800-886-3837.

Please note that portable generators are not strong enough to power your entire home. First, decide which appliances you plan to use during an outage and calculate how much power they require.  Then, select a generator whose running wattage is large enough to power these appliances.

In most cases, you will want to purchase a generator whose running wattage is between 4,400 and 10,000 watts.

Generators smaller than 4,000 watts are generally ill-suited for powering a home during an outage as they cannot start many appliances.

Generators larger than 10,000 watts are often expensive, difficult to move, noisy, and will not work with the GenerLink transfer switch.

Feature Details
Socket Style Ring or Ring-less, Form 2S
Utility Input Voltage 120/240 Volt
Utility Compatibility 200 Ampere Service or Less
Generator Input Voltage 120/240 Volt
Generator Compatibility 7.2 to 9.6 kW Continuous (depending on model)
Generator Connection Proprietary GenerLok QuickConnect Power Cord
Generator Protection Supplementary 30-40 Amp Protection
Feature Details
Transfer Type Break-Before-Make
Transfer Delay 2-3 Seconds
Life cycle 300,000 Operations
Temperature Range -30°C to 60°C External Ambient

GenerLok Power Cable

GenerLok is a custom power cable that connects your portable generator to a GenerLink transfer switch.  This cable is available in 20-, 40-, 60-, 80-, or 100-foot-long cord.

Generlok-Power-Cable L14-30

L14-30 Locking

Delivers up to 30 amps of power to your home.

L14-50 50 Amp Cord

14-50 Straight

Delivers up to 40 amps of power to your home.

Don't leave your power to chance.