Multi-Pulse Counter

The Multi-Pulse Counter is a 16-port pulse counting device capable of recording dry (open/closed switch) or wet (Up to +24 VDC) pulses. Add multiple devices to any site for seamless supervision of an unlimited number of pulse inputs.

Customize your device to have the exact number of wet and dry inputs you need.

Powered by cutting-edge technology to automatically deliver meter readings to the cloud, the Multi-Pulse Counter is available in a range of communication options, including LTE Cat M1 and 900 MHz Radio Frequency.

Standard Features

Remote Reading*

Ability to Export Data to the Cloud*

Real-Time Analytics*

* Requires a communication protocol

Supply Voltage 3.5-5VDC (Adapter Included)
No of Inputs 16
Models 16 dry, 16 wet, or 8 wet 8 dry
Temperature -40 degrees to +85 degrees
Humidity 0 to 95% non-condensing
Battery 3.6V lithium
Enclose NEMA 4X rated
Dimensions 10.6 x 8 x 3.3 in.
Weight 2.0 lb (0.9 kg)
Display LCD display (8x2 character)

Input Voltage 0 to 24 V DC

Maximum Count 4 billion

Input Filter 20Hz Low Pass Filter

Minimum Pulse Width 50ms

Wire Gauge 18-26 AWG

Wire Length up to 500 ft for 22 AWG

Compatibility Dry or Wet (up to +24 V DC)

Because we believe in making energy management simple and efficient, we offer the widest range of communication protocols for maximum flexibility and are one of the only companies to partner with AT&T to offer reliable, high-speed cellular LTE technology with zero setup required!      

Whether you prefer to house your information locally, integrate into your BMS, or securely store in our cloud database, we have an energy management solution for you.    

Data stored in our cloud is easily accessible 24/7 via our PowerTrack portal or free smartphone app.   

LTE Cat M1 Cellular Delivers superior coverage, always-on connectivity while using less power than other options. Zero IT support needed to get connected.
900 MHz Radio Frequency Forms a mesh network of smart meters to talk to a gateway device which collects data and uploads to cloud. May recommend using high gain antennas if site covers a large area.

Usage data is automatically delivered to our cloud database and can be accessed via our PowerTrack website or free smartphone app

Empower your energy management solution with our smart electric meters! ​

Existing customers, log in to the PowerTrack portal or download the smartphone app to view your energy data!