Smart Electric Meters that Work for You

We’re building a smarter, more reliable energy future with affordable submetering solutions designed to simplify your energy management.

Our revenue-grade electric meters empower you to manage energy smarter.
Innovative features like remote management, automated monitoring, and customized reporting give you the freedom to do more.

Leverage real-time data to help you streamline usage, allocate costs, and build a more sustainable tomorrow.

Our smart electric meters are available in four models:

We offer a range of features to meet your residential, commercial, and industrial submetering needs. Our smart electric meters are easy to specify and install in new and existing construction. Available in indoor flush mount or surface mount enclosures.

NE Meter Surface mount meter
  • Used for residential and commercial applications
  • Perfect for jobs when your electrical wiring is distributed in different locations
  • Indoor and outdoor use
NE Meter Mini Meter
  • Perfect for single-phase applications where space is limited
  • Used for residential applications
  • Indoor use only
NE Meter - Socket Meter
  • Used for residential and commercial applications
  • Perfect for renovations, apartments or high-rises where the meter based is already wired in
  • Accommodates 2S, 12S and more
  • Indoor and outdoor use
NE MEter - Multi Meter
  • Used for multi-tenant residential, commercial and industrial applications
  • Perfect for meter cabinets with limited space where multiple meters will be installed
  • Manages multiple loads on a single panel
  • Available in 6 and 12 slots
  • Indoor and outdoor use

Smart Electric Meters Offer Accessibility and Security

Made in the USA, our true-RMS meters utilize the latest communication technology to eliminate the hassle of manual meter checks and streamline energy management. Our user-friendly PowerTrack online portal and mobile app give you 24/7 access to your energy data from anywhere in the world. And our cutting-edge cloud-based system keeps your entire energy history backed-up and secure.

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Our energy management specialists are here to help you find the perfect energy management solution.

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1:1 US-Based expert service and support

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Proudly serving customers
since 1995

Empower your energy management solution with our smart electric meters! ​

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