Socket Meter

The NE Socket Meter is a universal, revenue-grade smart meter that is specifically designed to accommodate multiple meter forms, including 2S, 12S, and more. The NE Socket Meter delivers superior 0.5% accuracy and is well-suited for residential and commercial applications, including renovations, apartments or high-rises where the meter base is already wired in.

Powered by cutting-edge technology to automatically deliver meter readings to the cloud, the Socket Meter is available in a range of communication options, including LTE Cat M1, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and 900 MHz Radio Frequency.

Socket Meter Specifications

  • Multiple meter forms available including 2S, 12S and more
  • Dimensions: 4.9 in. x 6.95 in.
  • NEMA 4X enclosure for indoor and outdoor use
  • 100-5000A
  • 120V 1PH 2W and 120/208/240V 3PH 4W


  • UL-listed

Features & Benefits

Remote Reading*

Remote Demand Reset*

Ability to Export Data to the Cloud*

Real-Time Analytics*

*Requires communication protocol

MODELS Energy Only
Time of Use
NE-5000* Records energy only.
NE-5100* For monitoring peak demand or real-time demand. Accommodates 15 and 30-minute intervals. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
NE-5200 Monitors energy use based on time of day. We will program your meter to your required specific time of use (Peak, Off-peak and Mid-peak). TOU groupings may vary based on region.
NE-5300 Active OR reactive power. Useful for industrial applications where losses can be a factor.

Onboard Mass Memory: Add an SD card storage device that allows meter reads to be stored on-board.

Real-Time Demand Tracking: Monitor and optimize energy usage through real-time demand tracking. Program your energy demand to change and view real-time, updated data online.

Pulse Inputs​: View pulse signals generated by an existing onsite gas or water meter on the cloud.

High gain antennas: Only recommended if RF communications is selected in cases where the site is huge and covers a lot of area, so if the meters are spread out, high gain antennas will help improve RF coverage. The engineering team will make a recommendation on how many antennas are required for a certain site after review.

Because we believe in making energy management simple and efficient, we offer the widest range of communication protocols for maximum flexibility and are one of the only companies to partner with AT&T to offer reliable, high-speed cellular LTE technology with zero setup required!      

Whether you prefer to house your information locally, integrate into your BMS, or securely store in our cloud database, we have an energy management solution for you.    

Data stored in our cloud is easily accessible 24/7 via our PowerTrack portal or free smartphone app.   

Wireless Wired
LTE Cat M1 Cellular Delivers superior coverage, always-on connectivity while using less power than other options. Zero IT support needed to get connected. Ethernet Use your onsite ethernet connection to upload to the cloud.
Wi-Fi Connect to onsite Wi-Fi and upload to the cloud. Modbus-RTU Connects to BMS system via Modbus protocol.
900 MHz Radio Frequency Forms a mesh network of smart meters to talk to a gateway device which collects data and uploads to cloud. May recommend using high gain antennas if site covers a large area. BACnet-MST/IP Connects to BMS system via BACnet protocol.

Usage data is automatically delivered to our cloud database and can be accessed via our PowerTrack website or free smartphone app

Revenue grade accuracy: 0.5% accuracy class

Built-in wireless AMR capabilities

Available in NEMA 4X indoor/outdoor individual meter enclosures and multiple meter units from 2 to 19 units

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