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Transfer Switch Solutions

Generlink Transfer Switch

The GenerLink is a UL-listed, socket-mounted transfer switch that provides a safe and convenient way to connect portable generator power to your home in minutes! Installed behind your electric meter, the GenerLink delivers generator power directly to your breaker box, eliminating the hassle of running power cords through your home.

GenerLink Front GenerLink Top GenerLink Side

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EZ-Connect Transfer Switch

The EZ-Connect is a UL Listed, 200-amp manual transfer switch that allows you to get the most out of any portable generator. The EZ-Connect provides a safe and easy way to connect a portable generator to your home in the event of a power outage. This device delivers the generator power directly to your electrical panel, eliminating the hassle of running extension cords throughout your home. While your neighbors have to wait in the dark, you will be able to sit comfortably while the utility power is being restored.

EZ-Connect Angled

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SolarLink Transfer Switch

(Coming Soon)

Get the most out of your solar power system with the SolarLink Transfer Switch. In the event of a power outage, many PV systems shut down to prevent dangerous back-feeding of the utility lines. If these systems did not shut down, solar panels could energize the utility lines, creating an extremely dangerous situation for line-workers.

The SolarLink avoids this issue by automatically disconnecting from the utility grid when utility power is lost. Once disconnected, turn on an off-grid inverter to connect your solar power to your home during the outage. While your neighbors sit in the dark waiting for utility power to be restored, you will be able to live comfortably as utility power is being restored.

Additionally, many utility companies charge more for power based on the time of the day. Often peak rates happen in the afternoon when many are returning from work and demand for energy is high. The SolarLink allows you to avoid paying these high rates by letting you disconnect from the grid whenever you would like. The decision to rely solely on solar power during peak hours allows you to potentially save hundreds of dollars per year on your electricity bills.

The SolarLink will be available in a socket-based or surface mount configuration.