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Surge Protection Devices


Surge Safe

Surge Safe

Designed to protect your home and sensitive equipment from damaging transient voltage surges, Global Power Products has created the Surge Safe product line. These high energy surge current diverting systems protect your home from damaging voltage resulting from load switching, lightning strikes, and other sources. 

Surge Safe's Type 1 SPD is a fail-safe and economical solution for any applications in either residential or commercial sites. The Surge Safe is UL 1449 Fifth Edition approved and comes in a wide range of voltage configurations to meet all requirements in the field. 

Features and Benefits

Our Surge Safe devices are equipped with visual and audible indications to notify the user when the device has taken a surge. The Surge Safe is available as a surface-mounted or socketed device. The SM series is our surface mounted design that is installed near the breaker panel and is wired in parallel with the incoming utility lines. The SK series is our socketed design that is installed directly behind the electrical meter in the meter socket for the home.

Surge Socket

Surge Safe Devices:

Surge Table

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