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Follow the Energy With Our High-Quality Metering Products

Whether you want to track your own electricity consumption or keep tabs on what your tenants are consuming, Global Power Products has the meter for you. Our energy metering products and current transformers come in a range of models and are manufactured right here in the Atlanta, Georgia, area.


NE Meter

Track your tenants' usage with the New Era Meter. This revenue and utility grade submeter features advanced RMS metering technology, along with carbon footprint reporting and an auto-ranging power supply. 

NE Meter

VT-2 Meter

View critical data about your electricity consumption with the VT-2 meter. This solid-state, multifunction meter displays the kWh, demand, and time of use information, along with other features and options.

VT-2 Meter

Multi-Meter Panel

Combine your energy readings with our Multi-Meter Panel. You can choose the right size for you, either 6 or 14 meters in a single spot for your convenience. Or fill them as you need them, the MMP can grow as your company grows. 

MMP Information

Current Transformers

Scale down primary currents to secondary currents that are easy to measure with our current transformers. Our CTs work with our metering products, as well as conventional transformer-rated meters.

CT Information