The GenerLok TM Power Cord

The GenerLok is a unique interlocking power cord system that comes standard with every GenerLink unit and is used to connect the generator to the GenerLink unit.

The GenerLok power cord consists of three components:

  1. The GenerLok connector
  2. A NEMA L14-20, L14-30, or 14-50 connector
  3. 8 OR 10 gauge power cord (4 wire)

The GenerLok Connector:

Each GenerLink unit is equipped with GenerLok, a unique connector that allows for quick and easy connection to your portable generator. GenerLok locks in place when connected to the GenerLink. GenerLok is not a threaded connector, therefore, twisting of the locking sleeve is not necessary to ensure a tight connection.
GenerLok will always be fitted on one end of the power cord.

NOTE: If the GenerLok power cord is altered or tampered with in any way this will VOID your warranty for the entire GenerLink system.

GenerLok Extension Cord
20 Foot GenerLok
Included with GenerLink
40 Foot GenerLok
60 Foot GenerLok Optional
80 Foot GenerLok Optional
100 Foot GenerLok
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