Ener-Comm Meter

The Ener-Comm is a low cost, surface-mount, all electronic and versatile open-platform system.


The ENER-COMM is a low-cost, all-electronic and versatile open-platform system. The unique design of the ENER-COMM supports numerous choices of Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technologies.

The ENER-COMM provides revenue class accuracy and comes with a LCD Kilowatt-hour register. 

Features Include:


The data communication from ENER-COMM to plug-in modules utilizes the ANSI C12.18 communications protocol and the ANSI C12.19 tables. The ENER-COMM will accept a variety of communications modules that allow utilities and property management to stay with the type of communications technology that they currently have in place. Groups that are undecided as to the communications technology they plan to use, can install the ENER-COMM first as a basis LCD readout energy meter and deal with the communications issue later.

Ener-Comm Documents

Ener-Comm Specifications Ener-Comm Spec.pdf
Ener-Comm Installation Ener-Comm Installation.pdf
Power Line Carrier (PLC) EnerComm_RS485Spec.pdf
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