NE Meter

New Era Meter

The New Era Meter is Global Power Products newest utility grade sub-meter for multi-tenant facilities. The NE Meter utilizes some of the most advanced true RMS metering technology available in today's market. With Carbon Footprint Reporting, an auto-ranging power supply, and Wi-Fi communication capabilities, the New Era Meter is ideally suited for any metering or sub-metering application.


GenerLink Automatic Transfer Switch

A Meter Collar That Makes Connecting A Portable Generator Safe and Easy

VT-2 Meter

VT-2 Meter

The VT-2 meter is a sold-state multifunction watthour meter capable of displaying kWh, Demand, Time of Use, and kVA or kVAR readings. Data information is displayed on a liquid crystal display (LCD) along with potential indicators and consumption annunciators. The VT-2 meter features an on-site monitoring system to ensure that the meter installation and system are accurate and operating correctly.


Ener-Comm Meter

The Ener-Comm is a low cost, surface-mount, all electronic and versatile open-platform system.

MMP - Multi-Meter Panel

Multi-Meter Panel

Global Power Products MMP comes in 2 different sizes and is used to house multiple meters in one convenient location.

Current Transformers

Current Transformers

Current Transformers are devices used to scale large primary currents to smaller, easy to measure, secondary currents.

Surge Safe

Surge Safe

Surge Protection Devices that safeguard commercial or residential properties from internally and externally generated power surges.